Bus No.33

radio drama
Bus No.33 is an anti-sightseeing bus tour around the Uralmash district, created by the Yekaterinburg History Museum. The tour aims to draw tourists' attention to personal stories of Uralmash residents, connected with buildings, streets, yards, monuments and other landmarks known to the locals only, rather than present objective facts about popular tourist sights.
The main heroes of the tour are the people of Uralmash. Over fifty personal stories were collected by the museum workers to provide the basis for 10 short stories written by the author Polina Borodina. The stories were voiced over by the museum workers themselves, their friends, and some professional actors. You can listen to some of the resulting audio dramas right here!

Sergey Kamenskii
of Yekaterinburg History Museum,
the guide
The Uralmash Plant
The Old Palace of Culture
Growing Up on Bakinskih Komissarov Street
Communal Building
The Boulevard of Culture